The Cebruery

Began in 2014, their mission is to bring high-quality, locally-made, affordable craft beer to Cebu, and to the whole Philippines. They have produced over 30 varieties of beer. With this, they believe that there is something for everyone.

Brewer: (wants to remain anonymous)

Location: Cebu City


Boracay Blonde – This German Kotsch-style ale has a slightly bitter but subtle and delicate taste. Created with 100% Viennese malt and citrusy American hops, this beer is an easy-going refreshment packed with intense flavor. 4.5% ABV | 22 IBU

Chocolate Hills Porter – Winner of the 2016 Gold Award at the Asian Beer Medal festival, this beer is reminiscent of the classic English style. They’ve incorporated caramel, chocolate and black malts, and they’ve also used authentic British hops. 5.8% ABV | 35 IBU

Guimaras Gose – They’ve resurrected the Leipzig method of producing beer with our Guimaras Gose. This salty-sour concoction makes use of Lactobacillus in its fermentation. Their version puts a Philippine twist, using locally-sourced souring bacteria, Filipino sea salt, and lots of mangoes. 4.3% ABV | 7 IBU

Dumaguete Dubbel – This rich, malty beer originated in the Trappist abbeys of Belgium, but they’ve recreated their own local version. This dubbel is brewed with locally produced muscovado sugar, along with specialty Belgian malts and continental European hops. The result? A flavourful beer with hints of dried cherries and dates, spiced toffee, and rum raisin. 7.0% ABV | 22 IBU

Las Islas Pilipinas Ale – Made in the style of India Pale Ale, this beer is a combination of flavours: piney and herbal; citrusy and earthy; dank and tropical—all at once. The robust, intense flavours of hops shine through. 6.2% ABV | 71 IBU

People Power Pale Ale – This satisfying, balanced beer is a welcome refreshment for beer enthusiasts, but approachable enough for the novice. The flavours of pomelo, mango, and mint come through in its hop bouquet. 5.2% ABV | 42 IBU

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