Elias Wicked Ales and Spirits

A nanobrewery born out of passion and love of beers. Serving wicked hand crafted brews and spirits in the heart of Quezon City.

Brewer: Raoul Masangcay

Location: 13 Ubay St., Comfort Dining, Quezon City


Astig Mango Hard Cider – “Astig” is a Filipino colloquialism that literally means “hard”, but could also mean “badass” or “cool”. A New World hard cider with a Filipino twist, Astig Mango Hard Cider is definitely badass. The perfect balance between sweet mangoes and tart apples will have you exclaiming “Astig!” with every sip. 7% ABV

Hanep Guyabano Hard Cider – “Hanep” is a Filipino superlative used to describe something awesome, impressive, or amazing. With its crisp and refreshing notes and 7% ABV, Hanep Guyabano (Soursop) Hard Cider will easily inspire feelings of awe. Its guyabano goodness packs quite a punch without leaving a cloying taste. Hanep diba?

Presko Witbier – Presko Witbier is their interpretation of a Belgian-style wheat beer brewed with malted wheat and un-malted raw wheat for a hazy, “white” appearance. This beer is fruity, refreshing, and easy to drink that is a perfect entry-level craft beer. 5.5% ABV | 20 IBU

Far Far Away Galaxy NEIPA – Far Far Away Galaxy India Pale Ale is a New England IPA-style with intense fruit flavours and aromas, a soft body, and smooth mouthfeel, with substantial haze. It has tropical fruit qualities from the hops that lends the specific “juicy” character for which the style is known. This is their best-selling beer that can blow your mind and take you far far away. 7% ABV | 60 IBU

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