Bulul Brewery

Launched in 2016 but the brewer started homebrewing in 2014. Further research, Bulul is a rice god. In Filipino, ‘bulul’ means you slur when you say something wrong especially when you’re drunk.

Brewer: Iven Go

Location: Ciudad de Hizon, MacArthur Highway, San Fernando, Pampanga


Pilsner – A clean, crisp lager. 5% ABV

Vanilla Bourbon Stout – A dark colored beer aged with vanilla beans from Tahiti. Flavor notes roasted, choco, bittersweet and vanilla. 6% ABV

Trigo Wheat Beer – Clean wheat malt flavor mix with Pilsner malt. Creates a balance of light yellow beer added with Australian hops. 4.20% ABV

Tisay Blonde Ale – A golden color with mix fruity and spicy aroma. 5% ABV

Martial Law IPA – A sessionable IPA. 6% ABV

Kudeta IPA – 5 kinds of Australian hops blended together to create a fruity spiced beer that lingers with bitterness. 7.5% ABV

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