My relationship with beer started at the early age of 13. My father introduced the beverage that was once coined liquid gold. Since then, my curiosity toward it rose. Beer is always present in almost every celebration bringing smiles, laughter, and even tears. One day I asked myself, is this the only beer Philippines has to offer? Luckily, my dad was able to share with me that there were bars serving homebrewed beers. With this new information in hand, I began exploring, surfing the internet, looking for these so called “homebrewed beer” and much to my surprise, I came across an association of homebrewers with members scattered all over the Philippines. And this brought a spark to my light bulb; I will get the chance to travel around the Philippines, discovering homebrews even at the remotest areas. And I said to myself “I will be an advocate for local brewers in my country”. I’m Carla Michaela D. Añonuevo, a photographer and videographer based in Manila and this is my story.


Usap tayo, brew!

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It was an awesome experience to taste other kinds of beer rather than what we used to drink. I’m looking forward to future events where they showcase the authenticity of craft beers.

Raymart Chan
Raymart ChanFresh Graduate

I had my first taste of craft beer in the MNL Craft Beer Festival last June 24. Brewers were very generous in serving their flavorful and cold craft beers and to make it more enjoyable, the event had a live band. Man, it was such an awesome experience.

Gezelee Corpus
Gezelee CorpusGraphic Designer

Thank you for making this and pushing the craft beer industry. And of course for featuring us. Cheers!

Raoul Masangcay
Raoul MasangcayCicerone and Beer Judge